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My name is Dedun Olobayo and I am the founder of StyleMeAfrica! Thank you for visiting our site and wanting to get to know more about StyleMeAfrica!

We are an online community for enthusiasts of the African inspired lifestyle. We are focused on showing the world an intimate look at Africa through it’s diverse fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Our goal is to connect our readers to amazing brands and products and influence them to live the African inspired life!

Our company was birthed out of a love for Africa and its unique culture and people. This platform was created to show you a different side Africa. A better Africa!

For more information about StyleMeAfrica, collaborations and contributions, please email [email protected]

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  1. Yoki
    12 months ago

    Good morning,
    I appreciate & love what your doing! Perhaps I misunderstood do you provide the website or brand links to social media so customers can purchase the clothing you show on your website or IG? I’ve seen several pieces and I haven’t found the link so I can buy the clothing. Please advise?

    1. stylemeafrica
      12 months ago

      Hello Yoki, thank you for leaving a comment. We tag all the people we put on our Instagram, you can go to their pages and track their designer. As for our website, all the Look books and editorial from designers are listed if not linked. Thank you!

  2. Toyosi Diya
    7 months ago

    Nice Brand Nice website!
    You can check out my instagram @thavinciioflagos

  3. Luqman
    4 months ago

    Would love to get a lookbook featured on your platform…how do I go about it


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