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Visit Rwanda with Naija Nomads!

Visit Rwanda Naija Nomads


Second home to Naija Nomads, the 1,000 hills in Rwanda are  calling and we must go. Having explored the country twice, Rwanda is so remarkable we had to go again! You know what they say about 3rd time being a charm. You’ll definitely be charmed at  the cleanliness and orderliness of the country. It’s no wonder Kigali is named the cleanest and greenest city in Africa. Besides admiring the beauty, we’ll also be visiting the Akagera national park where we can sight the big five. Lake Kivu, one of Africa’s greatest lakes, will not be missed on the itinerary. Here we will experience the traditional intore dance, get a hot spring pedicure and sail across the lake.

Visit Rwanda with Naija Nomads


Travel costs money…but you cannot put a price tag on Naija Nomad experiences. Our nomad trips are one-of-a kind experiences and our itinerary will cover every aspect of travel from food, leisure, culture to adventure, business and even volunteering.  We hope to use our platform to encourage you to see travel as an impactful mind-blowing experience as opposed to a luxury you cannot afford. We want you to see traveling as an avenue to learn something new that could be brought back home. We want you to see travel as empowering, educative and an investment in yourself. We want you to appreciate and explore green passport friendly destinations! SAY NO TO VISA STRUGGLES! And finally, together we will disrupt the perception of the country and also open our minds to see people beyond stereotypes.



A nature junkie, wild life lover. If you are  a nag, not open minded to experiencing other peoples cultures, all about jollof rice and not interested in trying out “strange” cuisine, unadventurous and generally just whines about everything, THEN YOU ARE UNLIKELY TO FIT IN.

Visit Rwanda with Naija Nomads


Most of our accommodation will be in Guest Houses, AirBnB’s, small hotels. Prices listed are for shared accommodation. If you would like a room of your own, please send us an email tagged “SINGLE ACCOMMODATION ENQUIRY FOR ******* TRIP”. We will respond within 48 hours.


Our prices will cover breakfast throughout the trip and one fancy dinner on our last night at the destination. All other feeding expenses will be borne personally.

Visit Rwanda with Naija Nomads


Our prices covers tours and logistics as stated in our itinerary. Nomads that have confirmed and paid for any of the trips will receive a full itinerary in our NOMAD INFORMATION GUIDE. Cost of tours outside the stated itinerary will be also be borne personally.


Please ensure to get to the airport 3 hours before departure time. If you are departing from Nigeria, the departure airport will be the Murtala Muhammad International airport, Ikeja Lagos. Nomads will be responsible for transporting themselves from their current location to Murtala Muhammad airport. Naija Nomads will not be responsible for any missed flights or no shows.


For Nomads traveling from Nigeria, all visa fees are covered in the cost of the trip. Nomads traveling from outside Nigeria will be responsible for their visas and flights.


All our costs are in USD. If you’ll be paying in Naira please use abokifx as your conversion tool. The rate will be the current BDC selling rate on abokifxat the time of payment. This is our only acceptable conversion rate.

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Naija Nomads has a health and safety policy. Please send us an email if you’ll like a copy of it. Please request for our cancellation policy before payment for a trip. We’ll email that too.

*Nomad’s living outside Nigeria are welcome to join us! Cost of trip outside Nigeria is $750 (exclusive of flights and visas)

*All prices are exclusive of VAT. A 5% VAT will be added to your total cost after booking has been made.

*Please note that part payment is available for this trip. Payment can be made in three parts; first installment ($400) on or before 30th May 2018, second installment on or before 30th June 2018 ($400) and final installment by 30th July 2018 ($300). Payment deadline for this experience is 30th July, 2018. A nomad information guide containing details of our itinerary will be mailed to confirmed nomads.

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