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Actress Jemima Osunde frontlines The Roots Collection By My Q Lady

Fashion house My Q Lady has released a collection aptly known as The Roots Collection that visualizes a brief history of Nigerian female heroines. The collection honors women who have fought for Nigerian independence, our freedom and democracy.


My Q Lady
Hajia Gambo Sawaba


Actress Jemima Osunde serves as the collection cover star that celebrates our African roots, highlighting the adire fabric.  Adire – which literally means “tie &dye” is at the core of the collection – as The Creative Director goes down history employing a modern twist to wearable pieces.


My Q Lady
Efunroye Tinubu


My Q Lady
Queen Idia

The collection stays true to the MY Q aesthetic with the use of lace, color and detailed beading. Each piece was designed as an ode to an African heroine and her strong roots : they are modern, wearable and reflect the 21st century woman. The dresses celebrate her and in turn her style, representing the African woman essence.


My Q Lady
Margaret Ekpo


My Q Lady
Dora Akunyili


To view more of the collection, view the gallery below




Brand: @myqlady

Model: @jemimaosunde @oliviaarukwe

Photographer: @mide_wey

Makeup: @beautifullooksbymoo

Hair piece: @christinesatelier

Creative Direction: @thestyle.concierge


 Our Heroines


Alimotu Pelewura: She was a trader, activist and leader

of the Lagos Market Women Association. Her activism got

her jailed but she never relented and continued the fight to

make life easier for the women folk. The Pelewura Market in

Lagos Island is named after her.


Dora Akinyuli : She was a pharmacist and government

administrator who gained international recognition for her

fight against counterfeit drugs in Nigeria. She served as the

Minister of information and Communication between 2008-



Efunroye Tinubu : She was a formidable king maker and

business woman per excellence. She was a major power

broker and involved in the emergence and rule of Oba Adele,

Oluwole, Akintoye and Dosumu. Ita Tinubu (Tinubu Square)

was named after her.


Emotan :She was a market woman who sold food stuff

during the reign of Oba Ewuare. She was known for her love

of children as she founded the first formal daycare in Benin.


Florence Nwapa: Ahe was fondly reffered to as the “mother

of modern literature” she was the first published African

woman in English Language in Britain.

Funmilayo Ransome Kuti : She was a teacher, political

campaigner and women’s right activist. She was a powerful

force in advocating for the Nigerian Women’s right to vote.

She was famous as the first Nigerian Woman to drive a car.

She was one of the delegates who negotiated Nigeria’s

independence with the British government.


Hajiya Gambo Sawaba : She was a Nigeria Women’s right

activist, politician and philanthropist. She was a campaigner

for western education and women liberation in the north.

She actively campaigned against underage marriage in the



Hannah Dideolu Awolowo: She was an active politician who

stood in for her incarcerated husband to contest for

president of the second Republic. She was a successful

businesswoman, the first Nigerian distributor for the

Nigerian Tobacco Company (NTC) She was also the first

Nigerian to import lace fabrics.


Kudirat Abiola: She is a martyr of democracy. The

democracy we enjoy today is partly due to her efforts. Her

journey into politics started when her husband declared his

intention to run for presidency.


Madam Grace Soyinka : Mrs Soyinka was a woman activist

who played a prominent role in decongesting Nigeria of

colonial manipulation. She was involved in organizing

workshop for illiterate Egba women to make them

understand their rights as citizens.


Margaret Ekpo: She was a formidable women’s right activist

and social mobiliser. She was a pioneering female politician

in the First republic. She organized the market women’s

association to promote women’s solidarity as a platform to

fight for economic and political rights of women.


Mary Okezie: She was a teacher and civil servant . She

funded the Ngwa Women’s association to promote the

education and welfare of women. She dedicated her life to

supporting women’s rights in Nigeria.


Moremi Ajasoro: She was a brave and beautiful woman who

sacrificed her all to save her people. She was married to the

then King of Ile ife.

Nwanseruma: She was at the center of the Aba women’s

riots. She played a major role by making the riot non-violent

by employing the use of songs and dances.


Queen Amina: She was a warrior queen of Zazzau (Now

Zaria) she is the subject of many lengends. She was a great

rule. Brave and industrious. She created strong earthern

walls to surround Zaria and other cities she conquered. She

was known to conquer katsina, Kano and Bauchi.


Queen Idia: She was a great warrior who fought relentlessly

before and during her son’s rule. She helped her son conquer

the igalas and re-established unity, military strength of the

kingdom. She was installed Iyoba (Queen Mother) to honor

her contributions.


Stella Adadevoh: She was an accomplished physician and

endocrinologist at the first consultant hospital. She single

handedly prevented one of the worst epidemics that would

have hit Nigeria. She paid dearly with her own life as the act

of heroism caused her to be infected.



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