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Can Plus Sizes Wear No Sleeves Dresses?

Can Plus Sizes Wear No Sleeves Dresses?

I mean, do you really need me to answer this question? The answer is yes! No matter what your size or shape, you can absolutely wear a no sleeve dress. Now, how you decide to style it is based on what you’re most comfortable with is up to you. But there is no reason why any plus size woman should be excluded from this style.

Ways to Wear Plus Size Crop Tops

There are so many different ways that you can rock a plus size no sleeves top or dresses.  It does not have to be entirely no sleeves, it can be ¾ or even no sleeves, as seen on me in this dress. You can dictate how much or how little based on your comfort level. For me, I like to show a little arm even though I have struggled to show my arm in the past.  I wanted to achieve a neat and well put together look hence I wore a waist garment.

Lastly, if you would prefer to appear slimmer, pairing the dress with a high hills, help elongate your legs which may help you to appear a little slimmer. These some of the ways that you can rock your sleeves dresses.

In the true Lollysticks fashion, whenever there is some limitation put on what I can wear, I not only debunk it but I do it in a big way. Along with rocking my sleeves dress, I decided to have a little fun with it by wearing an all-white Christian louboutin spiked Pigalle.  It not only adds a unique element to the look but it stands out which is exactly what I wanted to do.

no sleeves dresses

no sleeves dresses

Dress Here:

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Bio: My name is Lola aka lollysticks and I am a plus size fashion blogger from Nigeria based in the states. I am also the co- Founder of Kairosshoppers, an online market place & destination for fashion forward individual. I have been a curvy girl all my life but that has never stopped my longing to be stylish and trendy. While it has sometimes been difficult, I have learned throughout the years how to dress my frame in the most flattering ways possible. I definitely live by the saying “Dress to fit your body” however that doesn’t mean that you can’t take current fashion and make them work for you. I saw a gap in the market many years ago that plus size dolls, weren’t been celebrated neither was the fashion industry paying attention to the need to create flattering clothing for us. So in order to show that, I decided to start my blog as well as design with the catch phrase “lollysticks in partnership with my business kairosshoppers” My mission and my goal was simple – to show that curvy women can be just as stylish and fabulous as everyone else. Since my debut, of, I have being featured in some publications such as Huffman Post, Bellanaijaweddings. Etc. I look forward to many more features and publications.

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Posted on November 2, 2018

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