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How to wear one blouse in three ways.

So, you probably have that statement piece in your closet which you absolutely love, and would want to wear anywhere and everywhere, without it being obvious right? Well, with the SMA Dahlia blouse, we are going to teach you how to wear one blouse in three ways, so it feels like the first time, every time.

Look 1: With wide legged pants

 SMA Dahlia blouse

Pairing your blouse with a wide legged pant is a good way to look chic yet professional. This outfit combination will be exceptionally good if you are dressing for the office or for a business casual meeting.

Look 2: With a pleated skirt.

Another look from this SMA collaboration piece is with a pleated skirt. We chose this combination because it is fashionable yet professional. It is a good way to switch up your look, from the chic wide-legged pants to the fashionable pleated skirts. It is a must try combination when learning how to wear one blouse in three ways.

Look 3: With a skater skirt

A skater skirt is a fun look, any day, anywhere. It is no surprise then, that when paired with a blouse, it comes off as playful with a tiny hint of flirty. Pairing your blouse with a skater skirt will give you a completely different look and feel.

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