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6 exciting things you didn’t know about Scentimental.

Ever wonder about your favorite brand? Well, today’s ‘6 exciting things you didn’t know…’ is on the Lagos based fragrance brand, Scentimental. We got in touch with the Founder and CEO of the company; Salma Bello, and here are six things she wants you to know:

Firstly, the name Scentimental defines the aim of the brand, which is to connect the origins of scents to places that people are nostalgic about.

Scentimental brand photoshoot
Brand campaign shot

Secondly, there are 13 fragrances in their home range, and this number is steadily growing.

Scentimental perfume range
 fragrance range

Another thing is that 80% of this fragrance brand’s products are made by hand and in their studio in Lagos, Nigeria.

Also, although Scentimental launched in September 2015, the idea for the brand has been existing since 2011

Scentimental brand photoshoot
Brand campaign 

The Founder of the brand; Salma Bello is a Chartered Chemical Engineer (IChemE)

Number 6 exciting fact is that Scentimental has a reuse/recycle programme where they let customers reuse their bottles by buying refills or returning empty bottles for discounts. This is a part of their commitment to becoming a sustainable brand.

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Posted on November 8, 2018

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