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How to pose like a blogger | Top 10 tips

Posing guide

As a fashion blogger one of the things you’ll find yourself doing regularly is planning photoshoots and having your picture taken for your blog. I did a bit of modelling before I started my blog and one of the things I struggled with, was posing. I found myself running out of poses so quickly even if I had initially spent time practising in front of the mirror before my shoot. This mainly happened because I needed to get comfortable, as I’m generally quite shy.

When I started out blogging, it was quite overwhelming, as I would get a lot of stares from people walking past during my shoot, which would make me a little shy. However, with time I stopped caring so much as I knew I had to get the pictures taken, so that’s all that mattered.

I remember how overwhelming my first time at fashion week was. There were so many photographers wanting to have my picture taken which was really cool but at the same time, I had to brave it through the crowd, lol. It takes time to get used to but I’m definitely a lot more confident now than when I just started out.
But let’s talk about the subject at hand. Poses!


This is such an easy way to throw in a pose if your photographer gets the timing right. It’s looks even more natural when one of your feet are off the ground in the shot. You can do this three ways:

  • Walking towards the camera
  • Doing the side walk
  • Walking away from the camera with your back facing the camera

Doing all three of these walks allows all angles of your outfit to be seen, which is what we want.


This is probably the one you’ll catch me doing the most. It’s normally the first that comes to mind. Play around with the hands a bit e.g by brushing your hair away, placing your hand on your head, twirling your hair a little or even fiddling with your purse.


I find that this pose brightens up any shoot, cause it makes it more fun than just working with your body alone. For this outfit I thought it would be fun to use a newspaper since the unitard I’m wearing has the news print on it. It was the perfect prop for this outfit.
I legit read newspapers though. But only on the trains on my way home from work, lol.


Show your shoulder some love by tilting your head a little to the side and giving a little glance into the camera. You can even add a little smize for some more fierceness. A little flirting with the camera won’t bite.


This is another easy way to get some variety in your shots. Rather than looking directly at the camera, you can switch it up a bit by looking away from the camera. The good thing about this particular pose is that you can combine it with all the other poses mentioned


How you choose your location is always important. Rather than just looking for a clean and pretty environment, find one that can help you with a variety of poses.
I always try to use my environment for poses e.g leaning on rails or walls, sitting on stairs or using cool spaces in cafes.


I personally like this cause it helps me throw in a leg workout during my shoot ?
I like to use this pose when I’m wearing trousers, jeans or shorts. Mainly cause my legs can move more freely without worrying about my bits showing.
You can do this pose in a number of ways as seen in the photos. You want to be careful if you’re wearing heels, as it puts more pressure on your knees. This one definitely brings some sass to your photos.


This is another fun one. I’ve been told I’m good at acting but I honestly think I’m terrible at it. However, if you want to add some fun shots to your shoot this is another pose you can use. I think acting and using props go hand in hand to an extent. For example you could act like your opening your purse, applying lipstick while looking in a mirror or you could even pretend to be on your phone.
Here, I leaned over to adjust my shoe and combined the squat pose with pretending be on been on my phone.


Believe it or not but some of the best shots are gotten when you’re not aware your picture is been taken. This pose tends to be very natural looking and less posy.


Depending on the kind of outfit you have on, you can do the twirl to show off the beauty and volume of your outfit. This normally only works with flowy dresses/skirts and sometimes with long jackets, depending on the texture.
I didn’t do this here, cause I’m not wearing the right outfit for this pose.

We all know there are lots and lots of poses you can do but these are just a few you can choose to go by if you need some ideas.
I love learning something new everyday so If you feel I’ve missed out any poses, please share in the comment box below. We could all do with some new tips ?

I hope you found this helpful?
Thanks for stopping by.


Liz xx

Photographed by Graham Land

What I’m wearing:
Unitard- Missguided (Here)

Jacket- Bershka

Mules- Hidden Fashion (Here)

Bum bag- PrettyLittleThing (Here)

Sunnies- Asos

Jewellery- Topshop

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