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The Best Recipe to Get Rid of Acne at Home

Sometimes the cure you needed has been staring at you all along but you never knew. I’m going to share a quick home recipe to get rid of acne without using chemicals. It’s all natural guys!

First off, ever heard of ACV? ACV stands for Apple Cider Vinegar and this has been one of those things you have at home since the days of our grand parents.

Home recipe to get rid of acne

ACV is know for a number of uses that include cleaning, preserving food, skin rejuvenating and even washing hair! So for this post we’ll focus on the use of ACV as a home made recipe to get rid of acne.

Home recipe to get rid of acne


• Apple cider vinegar

• Filtered water (clean water)

• Cotton rounds

• Spray bottle (optional)


Mix equal parts of ACV and water, depending on the quantity you want.

Leave to settle for two minutes

Apply solution to the face especially the parts affected with acne using a cotton round, avoid eye area.

Leave on for two hours or more (I tend to leave mine on till I get to shower again)

Home recipe to get rid of acne

You can pour the solution into a spray bottle and spray directly to the skin (this is what I do?), please close your eyes because this stuff stings when it enters the eye?.

Home recipe to get rid of acne!

Let me know if this is something you have tried or will try. Also you can write to me to let me know if it worked for you!

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