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All You Need to Know Before Buying Your First Designer Purse

If you are purse obsessed like I am, then owning your first designer purse is something you have most definitely thought about more than once. It can be quiet daunting trying to pick which brand, style and color you want your first designer bag to come in. Not to mention that they don’t exactly cost pennies either. We have compiled a list of the most important things to take into consideration before you make that huge purchase.

Know how your budget

So you are ready to get your very first designer purse? budgeting is the first thing to consider Ladies. Once you set a budget for yourself and start your research, it will surprise you how many designer bags can actually be gotten for very affordable prices. They don’t all cost over $2,000 (N720,000). It is very important to set a budget for your first designer purse because once you start shopping, you are guaranteed to see a lot of beautiful designer purses that come with steep price tags. Take a pen and paper and write that budget down, and promise yourself to stay within it…Go ahead, write it down.

You need to know where you would use it

So now you have a budget. Did you write it down? what was it? The next step is to decide the functionality of your first every designer bag. Where do you see yourself going with it? Do you want it to be a work bag, casual bag or a TGIF purse? all these things are important in buying your first designer purse because the kind of bag you buy will determine where you wear it to.

If you get something like this tote, it will be most suited for a casual to business trendy look

While this Chanel purse is for that classic, chic look we sometimes crave. 

There are certain purses that are timeless, trendy and classic all in one, like these ones.

Picking a silhouette for your purse all depends on what you want this purse to be to you. Remember, a bag is like a best friend, it holds all your secrets. What kind of friend are you looking for? pick wisely.

Consider Third-party sources

Nowadays, there are different sources you can get a designer purse from. Thank God for that. You no longer have to go to the store or to a designers website to purchase a bag. Sites like compiled,eBay, poshmark, therealreal, and Vestiaire Collective, to name a few, allow you to shop stranger’s closet. This, in turn, reduces the cost of the bag, keeping you within your budget while still getting a good designer bag.

Pick a brand and color

Okay so, so this part is very important, listen up. Picking a designer brand is like picking a life partner. Chances are you are either going to have a really good relationship with your first designer brand, or an absolute love/hate relationship. There are so many designer brands out there, and we suggest you research on them based on what is most important to you.

A brand favorite of SMA is the Hermes because of the craftsmanship and the quality, not to mention that they have a good resale value.

Longevity is important

So we know you are shopping on a budget, but longevity should be something you take into serious consideration. You don’t want to buy a designer bag and a few years later you can’t use it because of wear or it has gone terribly out of style. Consider the craftsmanship of the designer bag before you make a final decision on it.

You need to know its resale value

Finally, and most importantly, how great is your bags resale value? You may eventually want to trade up, so you should ensure you find out the resale value of the bag before committing to it.

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