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Our Top 3 Favourite Things About Ziva | Out and about

Most African brands underestimate the power an appealing brand image and appearance has on their sale and conversion rate. They fail to realize that a new customer can be won just by the appearance of their brand product and image. So, it came as more than a pleasant surprise to us when we walked into Ziva Lagos last week and were greeted by this walled garden display. This, needless to say, is on the list of our favourite things about Ziva

The Ambience

Ziva has such an amazing ambience. It was instantly welcoming and relaxing for us. Everywhere we looked, we could see mini displays that gave us an idea of how Ziva saw itself, and in turn its customer. There were beautiful Lilac flowers dangling from the ceiling, and ornamental floral display by the passageway. In fact, if you love flowers and all things pretty, Ziva will win your heart.  We were already hooked with Ziva and wanted to know more.

You see, Ziva Lagos is a Nigerian Women’s wear brand founded by Tania Omotayo, in 2017.  They design and make quality and affordable clothing and jewelry targeted towards every woman. One fact I found interesting was their loyal support of the ‘Buy Nigeria to Grow Nigeria’ scheme. So, I wasn’t surprised when they told us that all raw materials and production put into their clothing are done in Nigeria.

A wide range of designs

Another of our favourite things about Ziva has to be their wide range of women’s clothing. Their clothes range from workwear fits, all the way over to casual and relaxed clothing items. Not only that, but they also have a wide range of sizes, so no matter your body size or shape. You can’t visit Ziva and not find something that fits you perfectly.

Did I mention they also have their own jewelry line? How cool is that!

An affordable brand

Finally, the top of our favourite things about Ziva is their price point. Guys, the most expensive product at Ziva was N15,000! Yes, you heard right.  After seeing all Ziva had to offer, I was expecting to be crippled by their price, but instead, I was pleasantly surprised. They go on sales regularly too, so if you want to be in the know of their next sale, follow Ziva and get up to date!

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