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Top 5 Hottest trends you need to get on | Trendy Thursday

We love our trends, because although they come and go, a part of them remains with us. This is evident in the fact that they always seem to make a comeback. It may take months, most times even years, but suddenly the mules your mom owned in the past suddenly become trendy again. That is why, today, we are bringing you the top 5 hottest trends you need to get on.

Polka Dots for Your Thoughts?

The Polka dot trend is one of the major classic styles that recently made a comeback. Nonye of thisthingcalledfashion did a post on this recently, and we totally agree. This trend is one that is hot and addictive. Is it here to stay? We at SMA can’t confirm that, what we can confirm though, is that top design brands are getting on it, and you should too.

Adding a touch of Polka dot to your look can give you a fun and playful appearance.

Checks and Plaids

This trend is one that is going to take a little getting used to for me. Mostly because anytime I see a checkered material, horrible Secondary school memories flood my mind.

Needless to say though, it is one that is literally everywhere on the runway, and seems to be a fun favorite for influencers all over.

Wide-legged pants

This is literally one of the hottest trends you need to get on! Wearing a wide-legged pant can transcend events. You can wear this to work, a dinner, church, anything you can think of, a wide-legged pant will most definitely work. 

Check out this wide-legged pant from StyleMeAfrica

Wide-legged pants are a good way to show effortless class, and to come off as stylish. It is no wonder then, that they are making a major comeback in the fashion industry.

Side slits

We may not know about anything else, but this trend is one that we feel is here to stay. Everybody and their Mama are hopping on the trend, and it’s no wonder when you have something as stylish as this. 

Why be Symmetrical when you can be Asymmetrical

That’s right guys, the Asymmetric look made our list. I doubt anyone is surprised. These cuts can be infused to different clothing items, from gowns and shirts to jumpsuits and blazers. The Asymmetric look gives off an edge and a little bit of risque to its wearer. This is indeed one of the hottest trends you need to get on. Fast.

Check out this Asymmetric skirt from StyleMeAfrica

What other trends are you loving? Tell us in the comment section.

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