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Salt vs Sugar Scrub

I love a good body scrub. Usually after a body scrub I feel like my life’s problems have disappeared along with dead skin cells.  To cut down on spending, I make my own body scrubs and do them at home. One day I used salt instead of sugar and well I was not pleased.

The Importance of Exfoliating. 

Firstly, exfoliating the skin is necessary.  It is the key to glowing skin. It gets rid of dull and dead skin cells and this helps you to absorb skin products better. By exfoliating you are giving yourself healthier and brighter looking skin.

The Difference Between Sugar Scrubs and Salt Scrubs

Three wooden spoons with different kinds of sugar in each.

The main difference is the size of the granules.  Generally, sugar is smaller than salt, thus sugar is less abrasive on the skin and is used for body scrubs. Salt scrubs are generally used for tougher parts. 


Best for: sensitive skin, freshly-shaved legs, can be used all over the body

  • Sugar scrubs exfoliate whilst also moisturizing the skin.

Because it is gentle, you can use sugar scrubs more often. Daily if you like.

There aren’t as many nutrients in sugar scrubs.

Sugar is best for the Face

Natural Sugars are less drying on the skin.


Best for: elbows, knees, feet, calluses

  • Salt scrubs make good muscle relaxants, just like getting into a salt bath.

It can sting if scrubbing over cuts and bruises.  Salt scrubs can be drying to the skin, and you may need to re-hydrate pretty intensively after using a salt scrub.

Sea salt is usually used in making homemade scrubs, and it contains wonderful minerals that are great for your body.

Salt scrubs are wonderful for detoxifying your skin and helping to purify the skin as well as keep your pores clear

Salt scrubs can kill bacteria & reduces inflammation

The reason I decided to go with home made sugar scrubs is because I can keep a track of the ingredients. Scrubs bought in stores contain preservatives, and other ingredients that can be harmful to the skin. You can easily make a salt or sugar scrub with all natural ingredients at home. Sugar scrub has a short shelf life but I guarantee you will use it up in no time.


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  1. XoJohnnielynn
    2 years ago

    I’d never really thought of them being different. Although I guess they are.. lol this was very informative post. What’s your favorite scrub to make?
    I like the diy kind because I cant stand the artificial fragrance they put in them. Not once I started with essential oils.



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