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How to Slay Your Instagram Like Sai Sankoh | #SMA Woman Crush

If you are like me, and you want to learn how to slay your Instagram, then you have come to the right place.

Instagram Slay-age is all the rave right now, and for a platform like ours, that focuses on style and fashion, it is no surprise that we fell in love with one of the biggest slayers on Instagram; Sai Sankoh!

Sai Sankoh is an Instagram fashion and style influencer with over 31,000 followers on Instagram. This year alone, we have seen her grow and her Instagram slay rise to a whole different level.

We decided to study Sai’s IG, to see if we could learn how to slay Instagram, and we did!

Here are the tips we got from Sai on how to slay your instagram.

Learn your Angles

You won’t catch Sai Sankoh werking a bad angle. In fact, we half suspect she used to be a model, because girl!

Sai is a pro when it comes to working her angles. She knows the angles that work for her, and she uses that to her advantage. We hear a lot of people say practice your poses in front of the mirror, but what they fail to state is that, camera angles are just as important, and you need to know how to work them.

If you want to learn how to slay your Instagram, we suggest you first learn all about camera angles, and the different angles that work for different body types. 

For instance, if you are short and would want to appear taller, taking a picture from below will give you the illusion of height.

Know your Color

You have probably already noticed, when you wear certain colors, your skin color stands out more, you don’t look washed out, you pop. Leverage these colors for an Instagram slay!

With Sai, it is obvious that red is the color she was born to rock. 

What color are you born to rock?

Be Different

There is too much of the same content on Instagram nowadays. People trying to be like people when you should really just try to be more like yourself.

Sai Sankoh embraces her uniqueness, and that not only makes her different, it makes her interesting!

Go for Monotones

Now, in learning how to slay your Instagram, we do not think it is compulsory to do this step (be different remember?), but if you want to slay like Sai, then you have to know how to rock monotone well.

Rocking just one color in a picture gives the picture texture and character. If you do decide to do this, then rock similar colors of different fabrics. 

Like this picture of Sai for instance, she has on all reds, but they are of different fabrics(fur, leather, lace, etc)

High Boots Never Hurt Anyone

Sai rocks high boots the way they were meant to be rocked. And if you want to slay your Instagram like Sai, we consider finding something you know you rock like a pro, and incorporating them now and then into your image content.

Have a Signature Accessory

Can you guess what Sai’s signature accessory is?

Sai lives in Texas where frankly speaking the heat is no joke (there’s even a phrase coined after it) but she still rocks that fur effortlessly.

Pick an accessory that compliments your style and make it your signature!

Repurpose Accessories

No need buying something you can’t rock more than once.

Before you buy that accessory that matches your style, make sure it is something that can go with more than one clothing you own. 

Don’t be Afraid to Reuse Pictures

Finally, creating images for Instagram is no joke. The most important thing when learning how to slay your Instagram, is to learn how to take pictures you can reuse without it being too blatantly obvious or off putting. 

Tell us what you love about Sai Sankoh.

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