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All you Need to Know About Chebe Powder & Its Uses

chebe powder

I first heard of Chebe powder last week, when I went shopping at Lagos Market. It came as a surprise to me that there was something in the market that seemed to be a miracle cure-all for all hair issues.

It was no surprise then, that I did an in dept research on it. This Youtube video gave me so much information on the product and its uses, so I hope it does the same for you.

In this video, you see two ways you can use Chebe / Shebe to keep your hair moisturized and strengthened.


Chebe is derived from a mixture of a plant known as Croton Zambesicus, Mahlaba seeds, Missic resin. Cloves and Samour resin. There are other varieties of Chebe known as Croton Gratissimus and Croton Tiglium. It can be found all over Africa. It is mostly used for medicinal purposes , and in Nigeria, the Yorubas call it “Ewe Ajekobale”


  • Aids in moisture retention
  • Strengthen Hair
  • Minimizes Breakage 
  • Aids in Length Retention

See Youtube channel Here

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