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5 Reasons Why We Love Ivy Barber

We are pretty sure you know about the Ivy Barber brand and what it is all about. However, this article is for those who may not know, or may want to know more.

Ivy Barber is a footwear brand which occasionally makes bags as well. They are slowly gaining Instagram popularity as a result of their amazing footwear collection.

Today, we are bringing you 5 reasons why we love this made in Nigeria brand, and why we think you too could fall in love.

1. They are supper affordable

The most expensive thing on the their line is N10,000. Yes, you heard right. This is truly surprising, seeing that the brand uses very good and quality materials to make their footwear. So imagine my surprise when I heard this.

2. They are made in Nigeria

We mentioned this before, this brand is a buy Nigeria to grow Nigeria kind of brand. We love seeing brands like this do well, because it gives us the confidence that Nigeria, and Africa as a whole, has more potential to tap.

3. It is owned by a Woman.

Can somebody say Woman power? Female leaders are rare but there, and we love it when we come across them leading growing brands. The owner of this brand is Tutu Sutomi, and we love what she’s doing so far.

4. Their footwear are beautiful, colorful and stylish.

In an interview with Bella Naija, when asked about the brand, the CEO was quoted to say “I started Ivy Barber, because I was interested in doing more colourful, fun flat footwear for the Nigerian market. I believe in exciting simplicity.

5. We love the Ivy Barber Woman

The Ivy Barber woman is easy going, style conscious and very intentional.

Shop Ivy Barber Here

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