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Best Natural Skincare Brand you need! Arami Essentials.

For today’s Beauty review, I’m going to write on one of my all time best Nigerian Natural Skincare Brand, Arami Essentials! Yes, you read right, Skincare brand based in Nigeria guys. How awesome is that.

So I came across the Arami brand early this year and trust me, I’ve been covering every single product they have in their range and I finally got my hands on some (I still secretly want all, but hurray!)

Wanna know all about the product I tried? Keep reading!

Now I’m ranking this in order of favorites so FIRST!

The amazing GLOW OIL

At first, I wasn’t very sold on the smell but somehow… I started to love it! It smells so sweet and yummy you’d be tempted to taste it (I almost did, but thank God for sanity).

The glow oil is a light-weight moisturizing oil made from raw Shea oil. Perfect for face and body use and surprisingly hair too! How cool is that.

After the first week of using the Arami natural skincare brand’s glow oil, I noticed it helped fade blemishes on my skin and I was GLOWING glowing (if you know what I mean). A little tip, using the glow oil as a night moisturizer after cleansing and toning is certainly one of the best decisions you’d make.

However, if you have oily skin then follow the golden rule… Less is more.


Smooth organic skincare black soap with a little zest of lemongrass, this stuff is the real deal. I mean, it feels so good on the skin, smells even better and lathers well so you don’t need to use a lot!

I love to use it as a pre-cleanser and it washes away dirt so easily. Awesome stuff.

I also love the package it comes in as I tend to scoop in swirls so yeah my soap looks so cool after sometime ?


Ok ladies, you want to pamper your skin? This is the one. I’m a peel-off/ hydrating mask girl but I could bend a little for this baby. Clay mask made from three key ingredients Rhassoul clay, Kaolin clay and Chamomile powder. If you have no idea what those are then you need to reevaluate your clay mask journey because I tell you those of some of the best stuff ever. These are some of the ingredients you’d find in a fancy spa in like Morocco or something so yes you deserve that.


We all need that hydrating goodness don’t we? I’m going to speak for the entire world and say yes. In the world of skincare, everyone needs a scrub. Whether you pick sea-salt or sugar, you just need a scrub.

Arami glow scrub is one of those sugar scrubs that make you want to sit in the bathroom a little longer just so all that goodness seeps in. It’s made from raw sugar although I have to ask white or brown sugar though? Definitely has lemon and jojoba oil as the carrier oil. All I can say, Namaste Arami.

So overall, I love the Arami brand and their products. My experience has been great so far and I’ll definitely let you know more once I get to try out some more.

Every tried any Arami products, share your thoughts in the comment section. I’m excited to hear from you, always!

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