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How to Discover Your Style

Well,if you ask people…. Mainly how would you describe your style?Most of them say ” I would say my style is comfort ”

But looking into it deeply …..people wear clothes they like and are comfortable in ….basically everyone!

So let’s outline the kind of fashion styles and categories they fall under?

1. Edgy Style

This style is basically extra ….very extra..playing with colours and experimenting. It can be provocative…. You will be dissed but not dismissed.

2. Casual Style

This is basically 56% of everyday style worn by everyone.

This is the also known as the safe style. Its mostly a T shirt and a pair of jeans or a simple gown …mostly simple and easy wear.

3. Sexy Style

This style is provocative…showing of parts of the body …basically… clubbing and party style.

4. Minimalist Style

The minimalist is typically neutral. Its very minimal is clothing and accessories. Doesn’t have too much going on. Just simple and going with basic colors , not bright and sharp colours and not big , extravagant and statement earrings . like the name …its minimal .

5. Casual Style

This look is sophisticated. Work style actually as well. Very elegant and mature.

6. Glam Style

Always looking good…. with everything . Looking like you are going for a function or event .

Chic and stylish at the same time.

7. Tomboy Style

The tomboy look is basically dressing like a dude but now its spiced up with heels and jewelries.

Looking a bit girly.

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