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5 Things Dillish Matthews Can Teach You About Business |#WCW

You may know Dillish Matthews as the winner of Big Brother Africa season 8, but we know her as the self-proclaimed  Namibian princess and business woman.

We have been following Dillish Matthews for a while now, and her business skill and work ethic have made her our woman crush of the week. Dillish Matthews has shown that she’s not just a pretty face, but she is also a hardworking entrepreneur and business woman.

We have listed below what we have learnt from following Dillish in business, and what we think you can learn as well.

1. She has an insane work ethic

Dillish Matthews has shown that she doesn’t joke with her work. Whether it involves working with brands or working on her own personal projects, she has insane work ethics, and she proves that again and again. For example, she has been an ambassador of Delush wine for two years now, and we all know why they keep on coming back.

2. She is always busy in business

You can always trust Dillish to have her hands in something business related. From starting her own lippie line called vaults by Dillish, to selling ice cubes, a hair salon and spa, all the way down to opening her own restaurant.

You can trust Dillish Matthews to never be caught with her hands on her lap.

3. She understands that her personal brand is very important

Whether Dillish is just chilling, or completely dressed up, she always represents herself properly. She understands that she is a brand, and thus represents herself as such.

4. She shamelessly gives back

Dillish is known for giving back, from going all the way to her neighbourhood where she grew up, to give back. To donating balls to the eleven champions football club. She makes to give, and every business person should learn this.

5. Dillish Matthews understands the usefulness of social media in business

Finally, Dillish is the first Namibian to own her own app. Not only that, but she also has almost 600,000 followers on Instagram. In fact, facebook congratulated her in 2017 for having the most active account on Namibia in 2017.

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Posted on September 13, 2018

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