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Home and Body Fragrance! Scentimental Brand

For starters, I’ll introduce the Scentimental Brand as the leading Nigeria-based home and body fragrance brand passionate about helping consumers relieve and recreate scents of regions or places they are sentimental about.

Home and Body Fragrance! Scentimental Brand

When I first got products from Scentimental, what appealed to me instantly was how wonderful the packaging was, you know just all the right colors and overall feel from the paper bag to the product can and bottles.

Home and Body Fragrance! Scentimental Brand

Now, using their home and body fragrance was nothing short of amazing especially the home products like the scented candles, room spray and diffuser. It smells so divine and gives any space a total turn round. I particularly loved the diffuser because it looks good even a decorative piece in the room.

Home and Body Fragrance! Scentimental Brand

The lemongrass and rosemary lip balm also had this amazing feel with to it and the smell, urgh the smell is divine. A lightly zesty and sweet smell, a winning combination.

Of all the products, my least favorite from this home and body fragrance brand will be the body oil, I just didn’t like the smell so that wasn’t one of my favorites. But I know people who swear by it so I guess different strokes!

Thank you Scentimental, for being awesome!

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