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6 Easy Steps On How To Take Care Of Your Handbags

        One of every woman’s most priced possessions is the handbag. Designer or not ; a handbag is not just an item but a compliment to a woman’s outfit.

But the challenge that comes with these handbags is the need to maintain and take care of your handbags like its an extra baby! Yes, it’s heart breaking when your handbags begins to peel or gets soiled with a liquid or product .

        These can be avoided by following these essential basic steps , however these are not for only designer bags but any bag at all.


When buying your handbags , there’s always an extra bag covering the main bag. Don’t dispose it….its aim is to keep the bag dust free and in good condition. Having this will help you take care of your handbags. As an alternative, if you have disposed the bag , you can use a clean pillowcase to implement this trick as well.


To retain the bag’s shape and prevent it from compressing if there’s pressure on the bag….stuffing the inside is another trick to take care of your handbags. Piece of clothing which are no longer of use can serve in this step.


To prevent long lasting stains , the use of leather or suede Protectant spray to ensure it safe from liquid substances .


     After putting it in a dust bag and stuffing, it is advised to keep it on a shelf for cool temperature away from sunlight so as not to damage the bag .


If you were not able to take care of your handbags, don’t fret.  A trusted professional cobbler is recommended to repair your handbags, this is important that he or she must be experienced so as not to damage the bag more.


To protect the inside of the bag , for ladies that carry makeup products with them….these products tends to stain the inside bag. Well a little purse can come handy in this situation …putting these products in that bag before you put them in your handbag keeps it clean and neat…if you ever think of selling the hand bag , this method will help retain the value of the bag.

Following these steps listed above is sure to help you maintain your handbags for a long time.

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I also create style sets in my free time and style people as well for events. I am a low key foodie and I also love lifestyle photography .I look forward to be featured on more fashion platforms .

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