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How To Rock The Belted Blazer Effortlessly

belted blazer

I know sometimes fashion can be a little bizarre but that’s where the trendsetters make their debut into the trending world. If someone had told me that blazers or jackets could be worn with belts over it ….I would argue it to my heart’s content. This is a guide on how to rock the belted blazer effortlessly.

      Well , that’s the in thing now; trending and giving fashion lovers an abstract styling vibe, that feeling when you know it doesn’t kinda feel right but you are not the only one …so you rock it like a star anyways; I call that Abstract style .

There are several  ways to rock the belted blazer like a pro….but remember wearing clothes with confidence is the key to” a comfortable style”.

Fanny Rock

You can rock it with a Franny pack / chain bag around your waist , giving you a chick look, making you look extra fashionable.

Big Buckle Rock

Rocking a blazer with a pin head belt is another trick to create this look. This belt is perfect for the look for people who don’t like the extra leather of the belt hanging out. This belt keeps it hidden.

To make a massive statement with your blazer , use a bold belt I.e  a belt with a detailed head or design over the blazer….adding more details to your outfit. 

Use A Tie Belt

Using a nice piece of material/ fabric… Either suede or velvet of any color can serve as well and tied over the blazer as a loose bow or any way you desire .

Buy A Blazer With A Belt

To save the stress of improvising this trend , you can buy a blazer designed to be worn with a belt…

This way it saves time trying to figure out what belt will go with which blazer.

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My name is Christy Ekhaguere also known as the Style Reporter and I am a fashion and style blogger .  My online space is where I share style tips , fashion , style and trends . I have always been fascinated by Beauty and fashion and creating contents and fashion videos .

I also create style sets in my free time and style people as well for events. I am a low key foodie and I also love lifestyle photography .I look forward to be featured on more fashion platforms .

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