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Is This The World’s Most Powerful Mask?

There has been a lot of buzz lately on the Indian Healing Aztec clay mask supposedly being the most powerful mask in the world. Therefore, we decided to investigate a little to find out what it is, what it does, & if it is really is as powerful as they say.

What is Aztec Indian Healing Clay Mask?

Firstly, the Aztec Indian Healing Clay Mask is a health and beauty product that is made up of natural calcium bentonite clay and completely free of additives.  This clay mask can be used in a number of ways and a number of body areas. 

Benefits Of Using The Most Powerful Mask 

The product is dubbed the most powerful face mask by people who have used it and seen obvious results and improvements on their skin. So this already tells you that is has a truck load of benefits.

  • Because the clay has an alkalinity of 9.7pH, it can energise your body
  • Using this mask on your face will help draw up blood flow to your cheeks and T-zones.
  • It is very helpful in healing acne-prone skin and reducing the appearance of acne scaring.
  • This product practically sucks up the surface oil on your skin, helping you control skin sebum production
  • The bentonite in the most powerful mask in the world 🙂 will also help you detoxify your skin. It will do this by removing the positive-charged contaminants on your skin.

How To Use The Aztec Clay Mask

The Aztec clay comes in powdered form, and while it can be used as is, it is most effective when mixed with apple cider vinegar. This will turn the clay into a clay mask, and only then can the full benefits be enjoyed.

You can add essential oils to the mask if you like. Making your mask smell amazing, as well as providing their various health benefits.

This mask can be used on any part of your body, no restriction guys!

Here is a video from one of our favourite youtuber, walking us through her use of the Aztec Mask 

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