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All you Need To Know About Sugar Waxing

sugar waxing

Hair removal is something most of us struggle with. In fact, Most people react very badly to the generic ways people remove hair from their body parts. Our bodies tend to rebel when it doesn’t like a specific hair removal technique, either through bumps, ingrown hairs, or the place getting irritated or darker.

That is why more and more people are discovering and embracing gentler and inexpensive hair removing techniques like sugar waxing.

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What is sugar waxing?

Sugar waxing is the act of removing hair from your body parts with the use of a natural paste made from three key indigents : Sugar, lemon juice & water. The best part about this method is that it is less painful and less irritating than regular waxing.

How to sugar wax

There is literally no better feeling than knowing you are hairless from head to toe. Not only that, but the hair stays off for at least 3 weeks!Using sugar as the primary ingredient in your wax mixture is very simple and straight forward, but for the sake of visual learners, we have embedded a video to this post that will teach you all about sugar waxing, and how to go about it safely.

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