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The Best Nigerian Movies to Go See This January

January marks the beginning of the new year, a new start, anything can happen. That is why most people are cautious of the movies they start this year with. We have compiled a list of the best Nigerian movies to watch in the cinema this January, and we hope you take out counsel and watch at least one of these movies.


Let me first start by saying “Girl Power, YAY!” We are all for feminism, and this is one of the best Nigerian movies to go see this January because of that. Genevieve is the lead in this movie, and she shows what it would be like in a world where women fought for their rights. Definitely go see this movie this month, or wait for it to get to Netflix. 

Chief Daddy

“Chief Daddy, Chief Daddy” My friends couldn’t keep calm when this movie first hit cinemas. After going to watch it, I understood why. Hilariously entertaining is the word to describe this movie. Not to mention that it is packed with all your faves, so you know it’s good. 

The story is about an extremely wealthy Chief with a large family dependent on him. One day he dies and that large family turns on one another for a cut of Chief’s billions. But does he really have billions, or has it been a facade all along? 

Up North

Now if you haven’t seen ANY promotion for this movie, then you probably live a really closed off life. Up north went into promotion even before the movie came out.  After seeing it, my team and I realized why; it is one of the best Nigerian movies y’all should see.

The real life couple who acted as on-screen lovers; Banky Wellington and Adesuwa Etomi Wellington, in Wedding Party, star in this movie together. Banky is the son of a rich man (shocker) and he gets sent to Bauchi for NYSC for defying his pops. There he finds new friendships, new love, and discovers what it means to have a true family.

Seriously go see this one on our list of best Nigerian movies for January

God Calling

This movie is a splash of interesting characters, staring actors like RMD, Zainab Balogun and Eku Edewo to name a few. It is a movie about one girls quest for self discovery and faith. Her mission and drive were all so powerful, that they transformed the lives of those attached to her. 

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