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The 10 Times Aunty Jackie’s Nail Game Snatched Our Wigs Off In 2018

Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie! As we sing Jackie Aina’s theme song in our heads for no reason at all-save for its catchy tune-we reminisce on the year 2018 that just ended, and the 10 times Jackie Aina’s nail game snatched all our wigs off, as well as our Mama’s because it was that good.

Now, Jackie Aina is known for a lot of things in the fashion and beauty industry. Most recently for being named the Influencer of the year by Women’s Wear Daily. It seems 2018 was this beauty guru’s year, we loved seeing her grow bigger, & scale new heights, but most importantly, we loved seeing her kill it with her Instagram worthy nails.

Our Team has compiled a list of the 10 times Aunty Jackie’s nail game was so on-point, that it got more likes than a video of a kitten chasing a laser pointer (seriously, what is the deal with that?).

1. The time She Showed us Just How Good Yellow Looks On Melanin

This picture got almost 90,000 likes on Instagram. It was on the explore page for days. I don’t think there is an active Instagramer that didn’t notice it.

2. The Time Her Bling Matched Her Nails

3. Rocking Designer Nails

Ladies, Designer nails are not a new thing, but Jackie really started a trend with these ones.

4. When Jackie Spiced Up Nude Nails By Making Them Chrome

5. This Peel Effect

6. Who Knew Ombre Nudes Could Look This Good

7.  Black On Black

Black nails are a staple. They are the go to choice when you want to play it safe, but there is nothing safe about this nail design.

8. Blinged Out But Still Classy

9. Aunty Jackie Made Our Nail Goals List with This One

All we can say is “GOALS” !

10. Everything Pink – With A Twist

Leave it to Jackie Aina to make pink not basic.

What was your favorite nail design, let us know below.

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