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5 Reasons Why Every Young Lady Should Know Liz Osho | #WCW

If you have been following us for the long, long, then you probably know how we feel about women empowerment and strong business women who motivate and Inspire others. Liz Osho is one of those women.

I met Liz Osho earlier this month, and to say that I was totally and completely blown away would be an understatement. Prior to our meeting, I had only known and admired her from afar, so I was a little tension filled when it got time to meet. I wasn’t disappointed.

We decided to do a piece on Liz, and why every young lady should know about our woman crush for the week, and learn from her along the way. However, before we begin to list our amazing reasons, here is a little back story on our #WCW.

After returning to Nigeria in 2013, Liz joined the Bella Naija team as an online manager. It was there she first made a name for herself in the industry as being industrious and talented in managing brands. Liz manages a lot of local and international brands, and you can see her talking about her experience and sharing life issues every now and then on social media.

Now to get down to it, here are 5 reasons every young lady should know Liz.

1. She is an excellent brand strategist

When it comes to bringing brands in front of the faces of their consumers, Liz Osho is the go-to person in the industry. Since starting her company–SoMe Solutions–she has been scaling new business heights that are totally remarkable and inspiring all together. 

2. Liz’z online voice is everything

Another reason we love Liz is for her friendly online voice. Nobody wants to take advise from a grouch, or have to listen to someone throw advise at them in a condescending way. That is why Liz is your go-to for general life and business advise. She isn’t afraid to share or be vulnerable while doing it. Most of the time, you will catch her sharing both her successes and her failures, just to let her followers know it is never all rosy, but you can come out victorious in the end.

3. Her work ethics should be applauded.

Moving on, we love Liz’s work ethics and her approach to business. It has become easy for a lot of people to not put in the appropriate work but expect the reward. However, Liz doesn’t stand by that and share how she feels about her work, and her understanding of the ‘what you put in, is what you get out” quote. Which in our book is pretty straight forward but most people tend to miss.

4. Liz Osho will teach you to always learn

When I met Liz, one of the first things I noticed about her was the amount of new and innovative ideas streaming from her mouth. It was like an ocean of ideas that needed to flow, and she let them flow freely. You may chalk it down to talent, but we acknowledge the work that goes into constantly being creative. This can only be a testament to her constant learning to better herself in her field. 

5. She is constantly pulling people up

“You rise by lifting others up”. This phrase couldn’t be more true. Liz is a CEO who understands that no man is an island, and we all need someone. This could be seen with her interaction with not only the SMA team, but also her personal team. We love that she is not a selfish woman in business, but sees the value in human resources.

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Posted on September 13, 2018

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