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We Tried The Orma Skincare Spot Eradicator Mask | Review

I was extremely excited to try the Orma Skincare spot eradicator mask because I had heard so many great reviews and also because of the active ingredients Glycolic acid, activated charcoal and tea tree oil.

I’ve been a glycolic acid fan since I tried pixie’s glow tonic! It’s a great product for exfoliating skin! If you’ve read any of my previous reviews you would know I love activated charcoal. It’s great for literally everything! Tooth whitening, skin brightening and we all know tea tree oil is a great ingredient for skincare and fighting acne.

How I used it 

I used a brush to apply the mask evenly all over my face after cleansing. The mask can be a tad bit tingly when it goes on due to the tea tree oil but eventually the tingly feeling goes away. I kept the mask on for 20 minutes and rinsed off in the shower. I dried my face and continued with my regular daily skincare routine. 

What I liked about it. 

It works! It really does work! This mask does what it says it will do. After a week of using this product (every other day) I noticed that my skin was visibly brighter, my spots looked like they were fading and my skin was definitely smoother. I used this product right before I got ready for a night out and I can tell you that my makeup blended a lot easier into my skin and there was visibly reduced shine at the end of the night (I have combination skin and get oily around my T zone even with the strongest primer and setting spray). 

Another thing I loved about this mask is that it smells amazing! Like literally smells really really good. The tea tree oil is definitely an active ingredient as that’s the main thing I smell. 

I also loved the fact that it rinsed off easily without leaving a mess in my shower. 

What I didn’t like 

The tingly feeling in the beginning when applying. This isn’t a fault of Orma skincare, I think my skin is just extra sensitive to tea tree oil. 

Where to purchase

You can get this product using any of the links:

Our score 


There mask is honestly a steal for the benefits you get out of it, we suggest anyone that needs it should get it!

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