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Is This The Cure To Period Pains?

cure to period pains

Period pain can be the worst thing on earth for most women. I have personally seen women that suffer from chronic pains during their periods. It gets so bad sometimes, that some friends of mine even have to be hospitalized. So, it came as a personal victory for most women everywhere (including myself) when a device was introduced into the market as the cure to period pains.

Meet Livia, The world’s first scientifically proven solution for period pain. This device, made from a company in Israel had the whole world shook when it launched. In April 2016, Livia launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds and more than quadrupled its goal of $50,000 with over $202,973 raised. Yeah guys, that many people supported this brand’s device.

How does it work?

The best part about this device that promises a cure to period pains, is that it works in a totally simple way.  Livia uses a set frequency that’s designed to best penetrate and soothe the muscles that cramp up and cause you awful pain when you’re on your period, and it transmits that frequency through the little sticky pads you stick on your lower stomach. This cure to period pains device basically transmits little pulses to keep your nerves busy. When your nerves get busy, your nerve gate closes up. This then prevents all those pains you usually feel from getting to your brain. If your brain can’t feel it, it can’t translate it to the rest of your body. Pretty neat ey?

Once this device is put on, the company says that relief can be felt withing 30 – 60 seconds. 

What is the price point?

The big question. This device promises a whole lot of good things, there is no way it’s cheap right? Well, first of all, nothing good comes cheap, secondly, we were surprised to find that the device is quite affordable seeing that;

  • you only have to buy it once and it lasts a lifetime.
  • It comes with a warranty
  • It comes with a 120 days money back guarantee
  • and most importantly, it actually cures your ghastly period pains!

The full kit costs $149, however you can get certain accessories with it, which are actually quite affordable.

Where can I get it?

You can get the device from the company’s website; Here.

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