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Will You Get These $995 Designer Earbuds?

Fashion is so broad that when Louis Vuitton; a primarily clothing brand, announced the release of its very own wireless earbuds, we weren’t even surprised. Wearable technology is becoming the frontier for most established fashion houses, that it was only expected that one of them was going to jump on the wireless earbuds bandwagon.

These designer earbuds caused such a ruckus on social media from the day of their release and got our attention, know why? They cost a whopping $995! Guys, that is almost a thousand dollars…to listen to music. 

Now you may make an argument that owning these earbuds is not just for music or calls but as a statement/lifestyle piece. However, wait till you hear what we discovered.

Now, it wasn’t really the cost of these designer earbuds that surprised us, it was the fact that, upon further research, we discovered that The wireless Louis Vuitton earbuds, which are made in partnership with audio company Master & Dynamic, seems to be a re-launch of the Master & Dynamic wireless earbud brand that formerly cost $299. That is $696 more than they cost before. So basically, the extra $696 is as a result of the brand name. 

Are they any good?

Since we don’t personally own these $995 earbuds, we can’t answer that question first hand. However, we know who does. Ben Lovejoy; a PC and technology writer reviewed the initial Master & Dynamic earbuds when they first came out and had this to say:

For pure audio quality, these are hands down the best in-ear headphones I’ve ever used – and that includes B&O H5s.
For the first time with in-ear headphones, they’ve hit the sweet-spot. Previously I’ve had to significantly compromise on audio quality if I want the freedom achievable with on-ear headphones – there when you want them, unnoticeable in a pocket when you don’t. But with the MW07, I feel like the compromise in audio quality is so small that the trade-off works.

So our question to you now is this, if these new LV earbuds are essentially just the Master & Dynamic MW07 True Wireless Earphones with the LV logo, are you getting the LV ones, or are you getting the Master & Dynamic ones?

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