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How To Choose The Right False Lashes For Your Eye Shape

Sometimes, you put on some false lashes, and your eyes look weighed down and/or hooded, while other times, you put false lashes on, and they instantly bring life to your eyes. This is because your eye shape plays a major part in the kind of false lashes you should buy. This fact isn’t widely known by a lot of people, especially for newbies in the falsies department.

When next you are buying those false pair of eyelashes, use these steps to pick out the right eyelash type for your eye shape. 

Determine your eye shape

Here is a simple info-graphics you can use to identify your eye shape.

Generally speaking, there are six main eye shapes, but most people have a combination of the two shapes. They are; almond, round, upturned, down-turned, monolid and hooded.  

Hooded eye shapes: The perfect lash style and shape helps minimize the appearance of a hooded eye shape. Round or flared can be used. If they have a really narrow closed set eyes,you can use rounded eyelashes to open their eyes. While for more flare and drama, you can used flared. Try a lash that is more dramatic. 

Monolid eye shape: They can carry off a little bit more of a dramatic eye.If you can find a wispy lash that is crisscrossed over each other, this is an ideal lash type for people with monolids.

Almond eyes: With this eye shape, you have more room to play around with any eyelash shape. It all depends on the look you are going for. 

Round eye shape: While a true round eye shape is not that common, there are however ways to give different looks depending on what you want. If you want to minimize the size of your round eyes, then a flared lash shape is the go to. Whereas, if you want your eyes to pop out more, a round full style eyelash shape is the best. 

Understand the different false lash shapes

Also when choosing the right false lashes for your eye shape, take into account the lash shape. Lashes generally come in two shapes, the round shape and the flare shape. The right false lashes for your eye shape will depend on your choice here.

Rounded lash is the same on either side when folded. These lash shapes have the ability to open up your eyes and make it appear a little but more rounded. So if  your eyes are more closed off, then this could be the right false lashes for your eye shape.

However, the flare shape lash is shorter at the beginning and longer at the end.  If you are looking for elongation and drama, we suggest you go for this eyelash shape. This lash shape is also the right false lashes for your eye shape when you want a cat-eyed look.

Understand the different lash styles

Not only do false lashes come in different shapes, they also come in different styles. We have the natural style which is perfect for people that have very spare lash hair and may not want anything obvious or dramatic. Then, there is the wispy style which is simply clusters of lashes at the base of the falsies. There is also a full volume lash style. This typically has lots of lash hair and a tick band. When picking the right false lashes for your eye shape, we strongly suggest that you take this into account.

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