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SMA Celebrates 15 Women That Have Contributed To The African/Black Community |International Women’s Day

Today, we celebrate International women’s day by shinning the spotlight on 15 women who have contributed to the black and African community.

Without much ado, let us get into our list;

1.Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu

This particular woman is one of our the most inspiring women on our list. Bethlehem discovered that a lot of people in her community of Addis Ababa, Ethopia were leaving in poverty even with artisan skills.

Spurred by this realisation, she sought to find a way to translate the skills of her people into a business, and thus SoleRebels was born, in 2004. The eco-friendly footwear manufacturer creates hundreds of local jobs.

She has received a lot of awards for her work with empowering the youths in her community.

2. Chimamanda Adichie 

For a long time, African women have been on the receiving end of misogyny. However, with women like the award-winning Nigerian author; Chimamanda, who have stood up to speak on issues relating to feminism, women rights have seen a rise in improvement.

Her 2012 TED talk “We Should All Be Feminists,” was later turned into a book (and some Beyoncé lyrics). Women, especially African women have become more enlightened of their rights as a result of her eye-opening insights.

3. Anja Ringgren Loven

In 2016, this woman was voted the most inspirational woman in the world by CNN. This is because this Danish aid worker has put in a lot of effort into helping Nigerian children accused of witchcraft.

Her foundation; Land of Hope has 72 children who have been rescued from terrible situations.

4. Ndidi Nwuneli

Ndidi is a leading authority on social entrepreneurship and in 2004 was bestowed with the national honour, Member of the Federal Republic (MFR) by the Nigerian President at the time, Olusegun Obasanjo.

This Nigerian is also the founder of  LEAP Africa. LEAP Africa is a nonprofit organization aimed at providing social entrepreneurs, youth and small scale business owners the leadership training they need to succeed. and executive coaching services. 

5. Marley Dias

Now this young lady is really someone who has distinguished herself from the rest. Marley is just 13 years old, and she is currently doing a lot to improve the black community by changing the ways young black children see themselves.

Ms Dias is of  Jamaican and Cape Verdean descent, and when she was younger, she wanted young black women to see themselves in books, so she founded #1000BlackGirlBooks. 

This was a social media campaign aimed at collecting and donating children’s books with black girl protagonists.

She has gone on to do amazing things for the black community, including working with the white house and contributing as a author. 

Best part, she is the youngest person on Forbes 30 under 30 list. Keep it up Marley, you are an inspiration

6. Sue Barnes

Now on this International women’s day, we celebrate this thoughtful and caring woman; Sue Barnes.

This woman came up with a solution for underprivileged girls who could not afford to buy sanitary towels. With her creation of Subz( panties to which menstrual pads can be clipped), Sue created washable panties that over seven million young girls in South Africa can use for up to five years.

This amazing inspiration distributes the pads to girls for free, and also accompanies them with essential educational information on female reproductive organs, thereby enlightening them.

7. Angeline Makore, Zimbabwe

Another woman that we are shinning the spot light on this international women’s day is Angeline, the Zimbabwean young leader who is passionate in helping young women in her country.

As a young person, she was involved in rescuing child marriage victims and sexually abused girls, and offered psycho-social support to teenage mothers.

Angeline volunteered at Girl Child Network Zimbabwe where she worked women and children with reproductive, maternal, child health and other issues.

8. Kelebogile Simula

Now, this Bostonian woman is doing what we all hope to do when it comes to child education and enlightenment.

Kelebogile is a 28 year old advocate for education for girls and women in rural areas. 

Along with her other accomplishments, Kelebogile also designed a screening tool for foster mothers who are taking care of orphans and vulnerable children.

9. Victoria Kisyombe 

Victoria Kisyombe is a leader who has used innovation, initiative, and determination to empower women in Tanzania.

This woman is the founder of SELFINA, this is a company that has helped a lot of women and widows get micro leasing in Tanzania.

Her organization has financed over 27,000 women and helped create over 150,000 jobs. Now this is someone truly making an impact in her community.

10. Zim Ugochukwu

Zim Ugochukwu is the founder of the digital publishing brand called Travel Noire. This Nigerian-American wanted to make international travels accessible to people of colour, so she went ahead to found the community.

The community,  which has over two million travelers a month, with more than 400,000 followers on Instagram alone shares travel tips, destination discovery and travel tools between themselves.

11. Sibongile Sambo 

Sibongile is the Pioneering founder of the first 100% Black-Female-Owned Aviation Company in South Africa. How inspiring is this for young African women all over the world.

Also, this woman goes the extra mile in helping young African females by providing them with mentorship to help them become pilots, entrepreneur and leaders in their respective fields.

12. Bidemi Zakariyau

We have Bidemi on our list of African women who have contributed to the African community, because this woman has shown African females that you can succeed at a business without financial support.

Bidemi recently won a SABRE award and got featured on Forbes 30 under 30. Her PR company has helped a lot of brands successfully break into the African market.

13. Irene Zalira

This is another young African woman who has done a lot for her community when it comes to addressing sexual & reproductive health issues.

Irene is a Malawian who also co-founded growing ambition, an organization providing counselling and mentorship to young women and teenage mothers. 

This woman shows us that there are still people that care about others, and we are totally here for it. 

Irene Zalira, on this International Women’s day, we celebrate you.

14. Tarana Burke

Have you heard of the ‘Me Too’ movement? I mean, who hasn’t. Tarana is to thank for founding this movement, and today, we celebrate her.

Growing up, Tarana suffered sexual violence. This led her to form the Me Too movement in a bid to help women who had faced similar fates (talk about bravery). 

She also founded an organization called Just Be Inc. to further empower women of color.

15. Joy Buolamwini

Joy Adowaa Buolamwini is a Ghanaian-American computer scientist and digital activist based at the MIT Media Lab.

We are celebrating this woman on today’s international women’s day because of her work on creating an organisation that looks to challenge bias in decision making software. 

This algorithm is called the Justice League, and it researches social impact technology at the MIT Media Lab.

It aims to ensure that the technologies that power our worlds–i.e facial recognition software and machine learning– are not lead to discriminatory practices or exclusionary experiences for people of colour.

So if you think about it, she’s kind of like a super hero for black people!

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    I feel so proud to be associated with these amazing women making changes in our continent. Amazing women! #LetUsKnowThem #LetUsBeThem #LetUsRaiseThem


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