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Our Top 3 Corporate Fashion Tips To Start Your Week.

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Have you ever stopped to think maybe the reason you don’t love Mondays so much is because your fashion is wanting? No seriously, imagine a world were you had fashion tips that had you looking stylish every single day.

Don’t you think you would look forward to the start of the week more often, if for no other reason than to show off your fashion sense that you got from fashion tips? 🙂

Well, we have just the fashion tips that would get even the most basic style to a whole different level, you ready?

1. Pick the right underwear

This is the first and maybe the most important of our fashion tips; choosing the right underwear. Visible pantie line and floral bra prints are not the way to go.

You need to choose the right underwear to go with whatever you are wearing. This will give the illusion of the perfect silhouette because there will be nothing creating bumps under your clothing.

You can shop underwear from lululingerieng

We suggest you choose low cut briefs for low cut clothing like jeans, and properly fitted pants to avoid that nasty curl.

Also, if you have a tummy toll or flabby sides, we suggest wearing a waist trainer to give you that perfect silhouette. 

Finally, there is no shame in promoting certain body features and helping them stand out. There are also “body shaping” panties that are specifically designed to lift the butt and to help users avoid “monobutt.”

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2. Combine high-end clothing with less expensive clothing

Another of our fashion tips we have for you is to learn how to combine expensive clothing with regular clothing.

Not all your clothes have to be designer grade, however, if you mix and match designer clothes with regular clothes, the designer clothing will rub off on the rest, giving you an overall chic and expensive look.

Save money by combining expensive items with sale-rack stuff

3. Accessories are to fashion as furniture are to houses. 

Accessories are an integral part of dressing up. Keep aside some money just for accessories. Accessories can change your look. They can make your clothing fun and playful, or corporate and serious.

This final fashion tip is crucial just because of this. Learn what accessories work for what look you are going for, and then use them to implement it!

The best part about this fashion tip is that accessories don’t have to be just jewellery. It can be the hairstyle you pair with your look.

Or the hat you choose to add to your look.

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