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6 Things You Don’t Know About Damilola Of Edaowo Fashion.

Damilola Of Edaowo Fashion is a fashion blogger whose unique sense of style recently caught our eyes. There is something aesthetically pleasing about her fashion sense, and we are sure her over 20,000 Instagram followers would agree.

We reached out to her to share six things that very few people know about her, and we are loving her list!

1. She wanted to be a banker

While we don’t know what changed her mind from becoming one, we are sure that if she still chooses to become a banker, Damilola of Edaowo fashion will certainly fit in style wise. With the incorporation of aesthetic edge to corporate fashion, there is no telling what Damilola can do if she so desires to pursue her past dreams

2. Damilola is terrified of snakes

Aren’t we all? LOL.

3. She was known to talk and fight in her sleep

While we can find the humor in this, we certainly hope this wasn’t something serious.

4. Damilola Of Edaowo Fashion is addicted to tea

She says she can’t go a day without a cup of tea. Sometimes, she could even have more than one cup, depending on her mood. Also, even when the weather is hot, Dami enjoys her cup of tea.

5. She’s 5″2

Well, we all know what they say about petite girls; they are so freaking adorable, you can’t stop yourself from loving them!

6. She sets trend 

Finally, while most people are known to follow trends, Dami sets them.

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