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Five Reasons Why We Love Tos Tos

Tos Tos is a Nigerian Fashion/Lifestyle Influencer living in London. Her real name is Alexandriah Sho-Silva, and she is the mastermind behind the popular blog;  Style By Alexandriah .

We are major followers of Tos Tos style progression, and here are five reasons why:

1. When it comes to fashion and style, Tos Tos is known to keep it simple yet trendy

2. She makes comfort look stylish.

We noticed that in her style, comfort, simplicity and elegance are a major constant.

3. Her quote about her style is extra relate-able.

My style is a media for self-expression, it is always a representation of how I feel at a particular point in time and as such very versatile. 

Alexandriah Sho-Silva

4. She is a hard worker.

Not only does Tos Tos have a MA w. Distinction in Fashion and Textile Design, but she also works in merchandising at a retail head office as well as run her blog.

5. Tos Tos has gained international  brand recognition

You know you are making ripples in the water when major international brands want to work with you. And that’s the case with her. She has worked with global fashion and lifestyle brands such as River Island, Dorothy Perkins, Estee Lauder, Pantene, eBay and Westfield London.

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