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How To Apply Foundation On Dark Skin | The Zaron Make Up Grail

If you clicked on this, then you are interested in learning how to apply foundation on dark skin. Because dark skin women have so many different shades and undertone, it is important to sometimes customize your foundation to find the right match. This will help the foundation look more natural on your skin.

With this blog post on how to apply foundation on dark skin, we are going to be highlighting three key things that we think every dark skinned woman should know. These are things that you probably struggle with when applying foundation on your skin.

Covering blemishes

If you are applying foundation on dark skin and you want to cover a blemish or freckle, as opposed to using a makeup brush and dragging products on your face, get a beauty blender and pat in place right over the area. Depending on the foundation coverage (medium or full coverage) the result can be instant or will take a few more pats.

Achieving a dewy finish

Do you see those girls that finish making up and look dewy? Well, this is because they mixed some sort of shimmer to their foundation. If you want to achieve a dewy finish, you can mix a shimmer or bronze to your foundation before you apply it. The bronzer can also be applied directly on your skin before the foundation. This will give you that K-beauty glow. 

Color correction

If you are about to put on foundation, and you have dark spots, then we suggest you colour correct. Colour corrector is used to hide dark spots. With the application of colour correctors, you don’t have to apply too much foundation to hide spots. As a result, you prevent cake face and keep that flawless foundation look.

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