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Oscar Wilde once said, “Every woman becomes like their mother, and that’s their tragedy.”

Malawian yummy moms are taking the Mommy & Me fashion on another level by cute cloning with their little ones. Matching outfits is another way a mother could influence their children’s style by teaching them while they are still young ☺. Some might say matching outfits are cheesy, but our Malawian yummy mothers know how to show up and show out when it comes to this sweetest fashion trend.

The beautiful Malawian designer @mis_pearl_designs  went all out on her daughter’s birthday, she made beautiful matching outfits for her and her princess. We can see them showcasing their family personality in these photos, it’s all screaming a queen raising a princess 👑.

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Mommy & me do not necessarily have to be gender specific right? Here are a few pictures on how mothers can also match their son’s outfits. We know for sure these little men will grow into some fashion icons taking after their mothers. Shout out to Mothers who are serving a modern spin from the traditional “daughter and mom” matching outfits.

Now if your mother is as fashionable as @queen_kabichi, then you know you are the luckiest girl in the world, imagine wearing matching outfits with the Malawi’s queen of style. Whether she is wearing a tuxedo, dress or a  tutu skirt, being a fashion expert as she is, she always finds a way to coordinate an adorable matching or semi-matching looks with her daughter. Major mommy & me goals!

@nellzlioness is serving best of both worlds in this picture , showing us both cultural and modern mommy and me picture .  We love a woman that can do both!

Get with the trends, bond with your child through fashion and style


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