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Thailand, The Travel Destination For Lovers!

The Travel Destination For Lovers

Thailand is honestly the travel destination for lovers. If you are a couple and you want that short and sweet vacation time, then you need to put this country on your list of places to visit. 

Not convinced? Well, here are our top five reasons why Thailand is the travel destination for lovers!

First of all, a history…

Thailand is a Southeast Asian country. It’s known for tropical beaches, opulent royal palaces, ancient ruins and ornate temples displaying figures of Buddha. 

Now, down to our reasons why Thailand is the travel destination for lovers;

1. Amazing couple hotels

Now, the first thing a couple looks for when they are traveling is accommodation. You want it to be as romantic as possible, yet still unique in a sense. From Thailand and Bali, we don’t know who leads more in the couple hotel scene. They have it covered to a T when it comes to romantic hotels for lovers.

Here are just a few we discovered, and we weren’t even really searching:

2. Relaxing beaches

If you are a water buddy, then relaxing on the beach is definitely something you love to do. And there is no better place for you to do it than in Thailand. The weather is so warm, and the water is so blue that you and your lover will fall into a sea of tranquillity.

 The country’s most impressive natural feature is surely its beaches, however, with over 1,500 miles of coastline to choose from.

You can take a nap with your lover, play some beach football, and experience Thai native cuisine. There are a number of things to choose from, it all depends on you.

3. The nightlife

Thailand has a very vibrant nightlife. While not every couple enjoys going out at night, the Thailand nightlife is on another level and has everything for even the most conservative couples. Besides, a vacation is a time to do what you wouldn’t normally do right?

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4. Did someone say “Yes adventure?”

Adventure keeps a relationship strong, so Thailand is the travel destination for lovers because you will always have something adventurous to do with your partner. From diving, zip lining, sight seeing, visiting the elephant sanctuaries, all the way down to experiencing new and interesting food.

You can also go island hopping if that is the kind of thing you are into. You name it, Thai’s got it!

5. The instagramable scenery

For this point, we will let the pictures speak for themselves 🙂

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