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She Tried Rice Water For Hair Growth, And Here Are The Results

There is just something about having a full head of healthy hair that cannot be overstated. Most women–especially black women–suffer from receding edges. While some studies show a lot of reasons black women’s edges recede,  these are the three major causes: 

  • Traction alopecia This is when your hair is being pulled too tight for too long. thereby causing inflammation in your hair follicles. This can happen when you don’t wear wigs, weaves and braids safely. 
  • Too much edge control Edge control has no real benefit to hair asides laying edges flat. It, in fact, causes a lot of build up around your edges, which is never a good thing.  If you want to keep your edges laid, look for products that include nourishing ingredients like argan, castor or olive oil or protein-packed formulas to help strengthen brittle strands.
  • Using cotton pillowcases over silk ones, This may sound a little too simple, but African hair doesn’t retain as much moisture as caucasian hair, and cotton absorbs moisture. Also, moisture promotes hair growth. If you want your hair to grow and your edges to be protected, then change your pillowcase to silk which won’t steal your moisture while you sleep.

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Thankfully, losing hair isn’t irreversible, and by adding little helpful things to your hair, you can facilitate your hair growth. Raquel Molatole, a Bostwanian living in London shared how she grew her edges back in just 2 weeks by using rice water.  Rice water for hair growth isn’t anything new, but it has gained a lot of popularity in the past two years. 

Need more information about rice water for hair growth, watch this video very well.

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