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#SMATravelDiaries: How To Take Beautiful Pictures As A Solo Traveller

Deciding to become a solo traveller is one of the most difficult yet crucial decision any travel blogger can make. It takes a lot of confidence and work to travel alone, meet and interact with strangers on your voyage. However, once this decision has been made, most travel bloggers will tell you that it is one of the best decisions they could make.  But how do you take beautiful pictures as a solo traveller?

Most travel bloggers document their trip with pictures of the beautiful places they visit, sometimes, it seems like they must have a personal photographer with them. However, Ciara of Hey Ciara debunks that notion, as she shares how she manages to take beautiful pictures as a solo traveller.

1. Get inspired

It is easier to take beautiful pictures when you have an idea of what you want your picture to look like. Pinterest is a good place to start when seeking inspiration. Ciara advises her followers to also try using Instagram save and location features when seeking inspiration. 

2. Perfect your pose

It’s easy to hound your friends or family to take thousand pictures of you until they get one right, but that’s not the case when you are travelling solo. Perfect your pose in front of the mirror and have a list of your go-to poses. Know your angles, your good sides, and get comfortable with having other people take your picture. This will help you get the job done quicker and with better result.

3. Ask a stranger 

Asking a stranger to take your picture is important if you don’t want to fall into the selfie chronicles. Walking up to a stranger and asking them for a picture is the easy part, the real difficulty comes from picking the right stranger to ask. Ciara suggests picking someone who’s holding a camera, looks like they know their way around a phone, looks like they have an Instagram, or a fellow solo traveller.

4. Get a tripod stand

Or you can just get a tripod stand and put your phone or camera on self timer. This may not work for all pictures you want to take, but when you know your angles, taking tripod stand pictures gets easier.

Wanna learn more tips? head over to Ciara’s blog to read up!

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