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#SMAFitness: 4 Fitness Apps You Need To Download Right Now

I am a big sucker for apps. The biggest sucker in fact because I find myself downloading apps I will use only once…or maybe never.
There is something about the fact that these tiny little applications on your phone bring with them so much usefulness and joy that it gets to me every single time. That being said, because of my mini addiction, and my fierce interest in fitness, I have downloaded and tried out a vast majority of the health and fitness apps in my Play store. This has helped me build my knowledge on what to look for when searching for a fitness app, and how to identify apps that work and those that are just a waste of time.

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I decided to compile a list of some of the most useful health and fitness apps I use. Hopefully, you find this beneficial to you as you embark on your journey.

1. Runtastic

When looking for fitness apps to download, one of the major things to look out for is usability. You will most likely use the application simultaneously as you exercise, so things like a voice-over and if said voice-over can work over the loud workout music blasting in your ear becomes very important. This app gives you a great user experience, it also shows it cares for you as a runner by providing you with useful and helpful in-app running tips.

back story

Runtastic was the first app I downloaded when I decided I wanted to take up running to build my endurance, and it was so good that I didn’t have to download any other one! This fitness app is the best for people (like myself) interested in building endurance or losing weight through cardio. If you didn’t know this already, running is a great way to lose weight. The calories you burn from running is unparalleled to any other sport you could easily partake in. So, therefore, if your main aim for working out is to lose the fat, consider lots and lots of cardio & HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training). An app like Runtastic comes in handy for you.

Also, this app helps you track your progress and calorie loss, thereby keeping you motivated. Like everything else on the play store, this app is free with an in-app purchase plan if you require it. Their plans are VERY affordable though, so no need to fret. Ranging from N420.00 in a week, on a monthly plan, to N180.81 / week on a yearly plan, what more could you ask for? Whether you need a beginner plan, a plan to help you lose weight or even help you train for a big race, they have got you covered.

Seriously, consider downloading this app if you would like to lose weight, build endurance or even train for the Access bank marathon race that takes place every January.

2. Fitness Pal

Anyone that takes fitness seriously already knows about fitness pal. This app is a fusion of everything and anything you could ask for, all in one place. This fitness app is just like the name describes; your pal. It has fitness challenges, calories measurements, workout routines, progress trackers and much more. Fitness pal even has a place where you can log your workout routine, so if you ever need it in the future, it would be waiting for you. This is a fusion of both the health side and fitness side of the big H&F, and that in itself makes it a cool find.

Guys, setting fitness goals for yourself with reasonable time limits is honestly the best way you can see progress when you first start working out. One such goal will probably be the number of calories you take in a day. This is what I have been using the fitness pal for, and it is honestly like a useful nutritionist best friend to me.

3. Female Fitness -Women Workout

Now, as fitness apps go, this is a personal favourite of mine. When I first started at home workouts, I was looking for an app that catered to women. And although there are a few out there, this instantly stole my heart. Guys, this app has everything you need as a beginner on your journey. They have a 30 days overall fitness plan that I recommend everyone tries and complete before registering for a gym membership. This is because; this plan not only gradually introduces you to exercises that very soon become a big part of your journey, but they also help you build strength, discipline, and introduce you to that sweet high that comes from completing something that you thought you couldn’t complete.

The best part about this fitness app is that each exercise comes with an elaboration of form and the right way to do it. So if you find it too confusing, you can just elaborate and read through or watch the proper way to do the exercise. So user-friendly! 
PS: It has a male version as well.

4. MyPlate

Finally, you know it wouldn’t be complete without a dedicated nutrition app. Nutrition makes up a good 50% of our health & fitness journey, so it should be taken very seriously. Honestly, this is the part most people neglect or are ill-informed about. Thankfully, apps like my plate step in.

The myplate fitness app is an app that helps you track your calorie intake as well as measure your progress. It tells you the number of calories contained in each food and helps you plan meals. It also has a dedicated recipe for whatever meal you choose, with information of all the food nutrients contained in that menu. The downside to most fitness apps is that they don’t take into consideration African food, so a little research will have to be done on your part to tweak their recipe and make it suitable for you.

So there you have it, a list of four of my favourite fitness apps. Do you have anyone you would like to see this? share.

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