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Everything You Need To Know About Getting An Industrial Piercing In Lagos (Plus Video Of Me Getting An Industrial Piercing)

When it comes to ear piercings, I am somewhat of an expert in the sense that I have done more research, had some experiences, and gotten more piercing than I probably should have. My very first piercing (asides the one I got at birth that is) was my Tragus piercing. I got it at Yaba Market, Lagos Nigeria. And one word for the healing process was this ‘it sucked!’ Oh shit that’s two words, well that how much the healing sucked.

It cost me N 1000, and was done by a middle aged woman with a piercing gun. It took almost a year for it to be fully healed, and the piercing was done so poorly that I haven’t been able to wear Tragus curved earrings.

Thinking that I probably did something wrong or it was because it was my Tragus I pierced, I went ahead to Yaba market a second time, this time to get my upper lobe pierced for N 300. Did I say the first one sucked? This one is still healing as I write this. That’s right, the easiest piercing anyone can get on earth is my worst piercing so far! Here’s the thing, my skin healed over the piercing, completely covering the stud. I had to go into a walk in clinic and pay N 5,000 to have it removed with anaesthetise. That was it for me, I was done with Yaba market pierces and was going to get my first professional piercing. That’s when I stumbled on Memezbodypiercing.

First of all, Meme of Memzbodypiercing is a complete and total joy to have pierce any of your body parts. I approached her to get an industrial piercing. We met at Lekki, Lagos, and after a brief chat, she went ahead to give me the best piercing experience of my life. 

No worries guys, I had a little interview with Meme just for you, and recorded the actual industrial piercing footage. Check out the youtube video below for the full details. She had so much information on after care and why you should NEVER get your ears pierced from someone who isn’t licensed.

A few things you should know about this industrial piercing

  • The actual piercing process takes less than 5 minutes, it’s the after care that really lasts long.
  • The healing process takes nine months. So I can’t change the ring until after nine months.
  • After care is paramount. Your ear should be cleaned with a clean cotton bud dipped in warm salt water. Never spirit or any alcohol based products
  • Meme also told me to avoid sleeping on the side I got the piercing. This was probably the hardest thing for me because I tend to turn in my sleep. 
  • When the skin around the piercing starts getting dark and itchy, you know your industrial piercing has started to heal.


The industrial piercing cost N 15, 000 (this baby girl life ain’t cheap mehn), but depending on the piercing you get, the price will vary. 

Check out Meme on Instagram, and don’t forget to watch the video on our youtube channel!

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  1. Rose
    7 months ago

    Nice, being going through a body modification phase and I really want to try new things like getting a tattoo or a nose ring. I want to pierce my nose but I am not sure I am ready for the pain and healing process. I am also thinking what if I get tired of the piercing, will it close back up? Sigh


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