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#SMAFoodie: Starbucks Teaches Us How To Cold Brew Coffee In 3 Easy Ways

If you are a coffee lover like we are, then you will absolutely love this video. It is a video teaching us 3 easy ways to cold brew coffee. This is very important for a lot of people, because it is no secret that cold brew coffee has a lower acidity than hot brewed coffee. This along with other benefits makes cold brewed coffee a healthier alternative for most people. 

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While the process of cold brewing coffee may be a long one, it is however far from tedious, and has more benefits than we can mention. The process can take from 15-20 hours depending. 

Here is what you will need to cold brew coffee

  • Coffee of your choice
  • A coffee press
  • A Mason jar
  • A Toddy® Cold Brew System.
  • A cheese clothe.

Now, for the 3 methods of cold brewing coffee, click the video below.

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