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Pendulum, Pre-season 2020 | A Lookbook

Nola Black presents Pendulum, pre-season 2020 collection. This collection was inspired by the fast-paced evolution of the ideas and ideologies that govern our times. Specifically looking through the millennial experience, the collection is stirred by the transformation/shift from a time seemingly riddled with singularity to an era arguably suffering from a crisis of meaning. Inspired by the many social, political and changes,  the collection features quirky clothing that is true to the core of the brand and abundant in social references from the new and the old. Drawing from the movement of a pendulum, the collection elaborates on how we establish equilibrium living through the extremes. Please see the concept note below:

Pendulum, Pre-season 2020


I am caught in between two worlds merging, experiencing the consequences of eras shifting. Looped by the causes and effects, I am witnessing times changing.  Constantly traversing the crisis of meaning, sailing loud noises forming silence, the friction is crushing. I see the assemblage of new things formed from a hollow in the earth, consuming, swallowing. 

We are world citizens, the mid ridge between the eyes, the third witness, watching. Bodies against boundaries, wading upstream in numbers, unseen, shadowed, onward to repose. I am country, place to many, warm to none, home is the mind.  I am extremes oscillating. With a conflict of complexes, I am the schism. I am the times thinking fast, moving slow. I am a pendulum, swinging here, hanging, swaying there.

About The Brand

Established in 2016, Nola Black is a Nigeria-Based Pret A Porter Womenswear Clothing Line. We have a curiosity in the existence of light in colour. Black representing the absence of light and white the presence of all colour.

The essence of Nola Black seeks to find balance in extremes creating a dynamic combination of contrasting elements. We offer fashion with a meaning, providing a clothing language that allows for layered form of self expression for the evolving woman who looks to stand out.

IG: @nolablackng

FB: Nola Black

Twtr: @nolablackng


Brand: Nola Black

Art Director: Arinola Olowoporoku

Producer: Ifedayo Olowoporoku

Photographer: Miracle Otugo

Model: Adun Osilowo

Makeup: Laila Cadne

Extra’s Makeup: Seyi Scott, Adun Sobowale

Set Assistants: Adedoyin, Victor OlamideExtras: Juliet Uchenna, G

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