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7 Halloween Costumes As Seen on Beyoncé Through The Years

Everyone, it’s Halloween month! I don’t understand why I’m so freaked out, maybe it’s because I get to try different costumes and choose one for work. What if I go as Queen Bey or maybe one costume she’s used in the past? Like the 2015 Coming to America, 2016 Salt-N-Pepa look, or the 2016 Barbie look.

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I’m so excited! For today I give you 7 of the Queen Beys Halloween looks.

Lil’ Kim (2017)

She paid homage to the rapper’s look at the 1999 Source Hip-Hop Awards.

Flo Jo and Tommie Smith (2018)

Beyoncé and Jay-Z kept up the couples’ costumes in 2018 with this homage to Olympians Florence Griffith Joyner (a.k.a Flo Jo) and Tommie Smith. Joyner wore this out in the 1988 U.S. Olympic trials, where she set the world record for the women’s 100-meter sprint. Smith, meanwhile, was the American sprinter who held up his fist in the 1968 Summer Olympics to protest racism.

Coming to America (2015)

The Carter turned up the heat in Halloween 2015, with the Queen dressing up as Queen Aoleen, Jay-Z as Prince Akeem and Blue Ivy who stole the show as future Queen Imani Izzi.

Janet and Michael Jackson Halloween Costume
Janet and Michael Jackson (2014)

Paying homage to the King of Pop, she and daughter Blue Ivy paired up as Janet and Michael Jackson.

Beyonce Angel Halloween Costume
Angel (2013)

Her first Instagram post was in 2013 when she dressed up as an angel. It was around this time, about two months later, she blessed us like an angel would with a surprise self-titled album. What a time to be alive!

Beyonce Lil' Kim Halloween Costume
Lil’ Kim (2017)

She wrote this on her website at the time about her Halloween inspiration.

Jay-Z & Beyonce Biggie & Lil' Kim Halloween Costume
Biggie and Lil’ Kim (2017)

I think y’all need to be truthful here, they both look good. Jay-Z went as the legendary rapper Biggie (a.k.a The Notorious B.I.G.), while Queen Bey dressed up as Lil’ Kim circa Missy Elliott’s “The Rain” music video.

Barbie (2016)

The Carters gave us two Halloween looks in 2016, the Salt-N-Pepa look, and Barbie.

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Posted on October 17, 2019

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