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#SMAHair: 5 Basic Methods to Maintain Wet and Wavy Brazilian Hair Weave

Brazilian Hair Weave

Is it possible to maintain the wavy nature of a Brazilian weave? With all the benefits that come with a wavy Brazilian hair weave, many people would like to find an answer to this question. But even before getting deep into details, there are several important things you need to know about Brazilian hair weave.

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There is a wide range of brands that sell human hair products online. Many people opt to shop online due to the ease and convenience that comes with this type of shopping. Brazilian wavy hair weaves are loose curls with wavy patterns. When worn correctly, these weaves create a natural and attractive look. You also won’t have to worry about the daily hairstyling, which can easily damage your natural hair. The best part of it is that the weaves have a low maintenance cost.

Whshould you choose a Brazilian hair weave?

If you are a fan of Brazilian curly hair, then you already know the benefits that come with having wavy hair. Brazilian hair has a naturally beachy wave that most people try to achieve using hair products. Brazilian wavy hair brings out the youthful nature in you.  It is also easy to style. You don’t need to try every type of product available in the market to get flirty curls.

That said, a lot of people have complained that their Brazilian weaves do not maintain the curls after some time. What you need to know is that Brazilian hair weaves always keep their curls- but it also depends on how you take care of your hair. We are going to guide you on how to maintain your Brazilian wavy hair and ensure that it retains its curls.

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How to maintain a wavy Brazilian hair weave

Method 1: Washing and drying Brazilian hair

Be very careful when washing your hair. It shouldn’t worry you that Brazilian hair might become straight after washing. First, do not use an electric dryer after washing the hair. A clean towel can do the job perfectly well. Also, be gentle when drying the hair. This is because the hair cuticle is open when you wet the hair making it very easy to break when you wipe it strongly.

 You can also let the hair dry naturally until the last water drops. Then thoroughly apply hair care oil. Ensure that you use a shampoo that is suitable for Brazilian hair weave when washing the hair. After washing, thoroughly rinse the hair with warm water. Method 2

Method 2: Combing the hair

Once the hair is dry, comb it using your fingers starting from end to top. You don’t have to apply too much oil. Just ensure that you smear the hair oil evenly. The curls need to look stronger from the top going all the way to the end.  The wavier and curlier they are, the more beautiful the hair will be. You may also roll the hair once you apply the oil. If you want to detangle the hair, work on handful threads at a time. Never brush the Brazilian hair weave to detangle it.

Method 3: Styling your hair

Quality hair oil product is always useful when it comes to Brazilian hair styling. Using a poor quality product will make the hair drier and less curly. Smear the hair oil evenly on the Brazilian hair. Avoid applying too much oil since this will end up attracting dust.

Method 4: Maintaining your hair

As a rule of thumb, ensure that you maintain the hair after every two weeks. This will provide nutrients and prevent the hair from drying. If your hair does not dry out, you won’t have any problems with shedding and tangle.  When the hair starts to look frizzy, spray it with water. For frizzier hair, a quality leave-in conditioner will do.

Method 5: Plaiting the hair

At night, divide the hair into two parts and plait it. When you plait your Brazilian curly hair, it won’t detangle overnight.  You can also use a satin bonnet to cover the hair.

Bonus tips:

  • Do not apply grease to your Brazilian hair since this can cause tangling
  • Do not massage the weave in a circular or upward motion. This applies to both wet and dry Brazilian weave
  • Do not roughen the hair when drying


Brazilian curly hair is the in thing today. They help prevent natural hair breakage caused by hair products and dangerous hairstyles. It also takes less time to install hair Brazilian hair weaves.  The only problem is that most ladies do not know how to take care of the weaves. This article will help you maintain wet and wavy Brazilian hair weave and prolong its lifespan. The methods apply to all types of Brazilian wavy hair and also virgin hair bundles with closure.

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