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#TheBeatByJMayo: The Boy Beat Makeup Tutorial For Dark Skinned Sisters

The boy beat makeup tutorial isn’t a new makeup trend, but it is one that will stand the test of time. This makeup trend rose to popularity when Beyonce wore the look in her 2016 popular formation music video. Created by her makeup artist; Sir John, the look rose to popularity for its simplicity and efficiency.

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However, while it became popular as a result of a black woman, it is still more difficult to create on melanin rich skin as a result of the amount of hyperpigmentation most black women face. So, this tutorial on the boy beat makeup by JMayo; an African American influencer, makes a whole world of difference. 

She emphasizes the areas black women should conceal and those areas they should highlight. She also gives insights and tips and tricks for creating this look effectively on dark skin. 

Learn the boy beat makeup tutorial.

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