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How To Decorate A Small Home For Christmas

Your house may be too small for a Christmas tree, but it will never be too small for Christmas decorations. To decorate a small home for Christmas, it is absolutely necessary to Optimize your space. Not only will your space look and feel more homey with your Christmas decorations, but it will also get your creative juices running as you think up ways to bring a little holiday cheer into your living quarters without making it look and feel suffocating! Here are a few tips on how to decorate a small home for Christmas.

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1. Start with the outside

Nothing says Christmas decor like some Christmas lights, a Christmas tree and a lot of festive decors. However, if your house is too small to unleash your decorating potential to the fullest, then we suggest you start from the outside and go big. If you have the land for a Garland wreath and some outdoor trees that you can put some fairy light on, then we suggest you do this. However, if you live in a flat, then decorating the outside of your house, the front door, switching out the foot mat with something festive, and putting a little Christmas tree (or any other festive decoration) outside is a good way to start. 

When you decorate a small home for Christmas, make use of your surrounding to create an effective and inexpensive Christmas decoration.

2. Remember to follow the rule: Less is more

Remember, your home is small, so if you go all out in the interior, it will have the opposite effect of festive and calming and instead look crowded and suffocating. We don’t want this, so stick to minimal designs and decorations. You can even go as far as to DIY your decoration with some ideas found here

3. Focus on your windows

Your windows are the eyes in your home, so if you have a small home, never miss an opportunity to introduce festivity into your home with the help of your windows. Change your curtains, add a garland and a red bow to your window, hang your Christmas lights. Even adding some candles to your window seal is a great idea (remember to be safety conscious, you can get some safe flameless candles).  Whatever you do, make sure your festive decoration doesn’t miss the prime real estate that is your window!

4. Switch up your regular interior decor to something festive

It goes without saying that to decorate a small home for Christmas, leverage on furniture you already have to bring in the festivity. Switch out old pillowcases for something more festive, change your curtains, rugs, etc to pieces with more holiday spirit in them. 

5. Don’t forget the lightning

Lightening is everything during Christmas. Mostly because good lightening will not only pass across the intention of the holiday but also make a small space look bigger. 

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