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Top 10 2020 Fashion Trends You Should Know About

Last year’s fashion trend was filled with neons, animal prints and a whole lot of pastel colours. We loved it, we rocked it, and we are ready to embrace the fashion trends for the year 2020. We have compiled 10 of the best Sprint 2020 fashion trends from the runway. These trends are going to be hot this 2020, and everyone interested in fashion should look forward to embracing them. 

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1. Linear stripes will be everywhere this 2020.

Horizontal and vertical stripes will be everywhere in 2020. This fashion trend which started towards the end of 2019 will see a surge in 2020. The linear stripes trend looks great in photos and is very flattering to the wearer’s physique (no matter their body type). So, be sure to look out for this trend.

2. There is gonna be ‘Disco Fever’ with the Disco Collar trend

Disco collar is a retro trend that we saw resurface on the Spring 2020 runway. The Disco collar has been modernized on jackets, button-downs and even coats. We saw brands like Ferragamo, JW Anderson and Lanvin incorporate this trend into their looks for Spring 2020, its bold, and its trendy. 

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3. Neon is here to stay

Ah! The neon trend of 2019, everyone and their mamas rocked this trend fellas, and guess what, 2020 is giving us more neon to rock! From lime green to barbie pink and even blaze orange, designers on the Spring 2020 runway had this trend grace their collection. We saw designers like Tom Ford and Christopher John Rogers use this trend, and we can’t wait to spice it up in our own special way. 

4. Rose prints

This is another trend on our Spring 2020 fashion trends list. We have already seen brands like prettylittlethings embrace this fashion trend of 2020. The rose print trend is one of our personal favourites because you can never go wrong with florals. For this 2020 fashion trend, designers are honing in on rose prints to make the spring 2020 collection feel more like spring. 

If you are looking to add more elegance and sophistication to your look, then we suggest you try out this trend.

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5. The colour ‘Tangerine’ is so in

If you thought 2020 was done with bright colours at neon, then you thought wrong. With the introduction of the very bright, very vibrant tangerine colour on the Spring 2020 runway, this trend will undoubtedly hit the shelves in a big way this year!

6. Oversized Gold Chain Necklaces

The gold chain necklace is a trend that never goes out of style. These fashion accessories compliment any outfit and can be worn alone or with a collection of other jewellery. This 2020, play with this trend and bring your personal twist to it. 

7. Square-Toed Heels

Now, this isn’t a new trend, but we all know what they say about oldies. The square-toed heels where BIG in 2019, it is no surprise then that they remain very relevant in 2020. This trend lengthens your legs and gives you that extra ‘mpff’ you need to complete your look.

8. Colourful Faux Leather 

This trend seems like the one trend designers are most excited to work with. It graced the runway in different colours and styles. The trend was spotted from New York to Paris in every form, shape and colour. This material which formerly was reserved for autumn and winter made its mark in the Spring 2020 collection, and we are eager to rock it. Don’t sleep on this trend from our list of Spring 2020 fashion trends. 

9. Bucket hats are in

If you don’t like hats, you will like these hats. Bucket hats are cute, trendy and an impressive fashion accessory to make you look cute while protecting you from the harsh rays of the sun. The 2020 fashion trend is so versatile, that it can be worn with almost anything. 

10. Oversized Victorian sleeves | Spring 2020 fashion trends

Finally, on our list of 2020 fashion trends, we have the oversized victorian sleeves trend. We are taking it back to the 18th century with this one. This trend will give you the illusion of a slimmer waist and adds an instant feminine touch to your ensemble. 

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