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TheBeatBy Natasha S.: Celebrity Makeup Transformation Tutorials | Blac Chyna

We all love our celebrities, it is no surprise then that when one of our faves does something we love—or something that inspires us—we copy them. That’s the case in this amazing makeup transformation tutorial by Natasha S.

The beauty influencer dropped this Blac Chyna inspired makeup transformation, but that’s not the best part. 

Natasha goes on to mimic the former stripper turned celebrity in a really funny and engaging way. Making this makeup transformation tutorial a comedic learning experience for all. 

What you will learn

While this is a celebrity transformation, Natasha enhances her features with techniques that work best for them. For example, where Chyna goes for bold and solid brows, Natasha has more fethered and natural-looking brows. 

So, expect to learn how to use techniques that work best for your features while having fun along the way. 

Watch the tutorial below

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